Graffiti/Defacing Property

On the hunt for a serial tagger. It’s just after two in the afternoon on March 1.   Two young men are working down the SGI corridor at the Cornwall Centre in Downtown Regina.  They pause and one of the suspects appears to be writing on the wall while the other runs interference.  A few seconds later, they continue their trek, exiting the corridor and entering The Bay in the mall.

The tag on the wall says “ZABB”. Why it’s significant is that it matches a number of other tags found in December throughout Harbour Landing and Grasslands.

The first suspect is a young white man with a small to medium build. He was wearing a Chicago Bulls Hat, dark jacket, dark pants and dark shoes.  He is suspected of placing the tag.  The second suspect is also a young white man with a small build.  He was wearing a dark jacket over a grey hoodie, dark pants and dark shoes.  The bizarre element – he appeared to be wearing fake plastic glasses with a fake nose.

Anyone who can assist police in identifying the suspect(s) in this crime or any other crime is asked to: