It was Canada Day, July 1, 2016 just after 11 am, a woman was parked in the area of 8th Avenue and McIntyre Street.  A man wanders by on the sidewalk and after passing her vehicle he circled around to the drivers side.  He demands her belongings but the victim refuses and standing her ground.   That is when the suspect gets violent pulling the vicim from her car, punching and kicking her but still she resists.  A passing motorist distracts the suspect who points a gun at the pair who pulled over.  He then grabs some belongs from his target along with an envelope with money and heads south on McIntyre Street.

Suspect is a tall man with a thin build, wearing a baggy grey shirt, baggy pants, white shoes, black gloves, dark sunglasses, and a black and white bandana on his head.

Anyone who can assist police in identifying the suspect(s) in this crime or any other crime is asked to: