Visit with Mayor, City Hall tour, hi-lites for Leaders event

Regina Mayor Michael Fougere and the youth who are part of the Leaders Creating Future Leaders initiative.

Running a city gets right down to the basic of life — the safety of water we drink, the removal of snow from city streets, and the green grass which colors our public parks.

That was the message from Regina Mayor Michael Fougere to the March meeting of the Leaders Creating Future Leaders initiative.  Conexus Credit Union, the Regina Intersectoral Partnership and Regina Crime Stoppers are the partners in these unique monthly luncheons which expose at-risk youth in our city to the positive and reinforcing influence of local leaders.

The kids heard an informative history of City Hall before getting the chance to sit in the Mayor’s and Councillor’s chairs.  Mayor Fougere was greeted by an ovation, and remarked that he wished he always got that response when he entered the council chambers!

The mayor then spoke to the young people about the importance of discovering and following their passion, as well as finding mentors who can provide guidance along the way.

Fougere’s dream was to help the people around him by getting involved in politics to help create a safe and prosperous city where friends and families could build their lives.  And he’s always seen the cup as being half-full.

Quoting the great British leader Winston Churchill, Fougere said, “the pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

The Leaders Creating Future Leaders initiative thanks Mayor Fougere and the city staff for their time and sharing their knowledge!  We know the city is in good hands.

Photos courtesy Peter Escanlar, Crime Stoppers Board member.